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Poor digestion can be a pain. Live life on your terms.

Being able to eat a wider range of foods can be only a spoonful away. This product is high in fibre and is a natural fermented supplement with eight fermented ingredients known for digestion. This is a dairy-free source of probiotics for vegans. The product is easy to swallow and is a paste-like supplement that can be added to smoothies, porridge, yoghurt or taken straight on the spoon.


Health benefits:

- Improve and ease your digestion.

- High fibre, which improves bowel movement.


Enhanced bioavailability:

Our fermented formula increases absorption and bioavailability to act faster (90% more absorption than a non-fermented supplement).



B6, C, E, K, L & Probiotic. Natural source of Magnesium.

Emerald Tonics Digestive Support

  • UK delivery: £2.99

    Ireland delivery: £4.99

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