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Want to supercharge your cognitive activity and increase your focus and awareness?


7 Mushroom Blend is a mushroom-based supplement.


We have combined 7 mushrooms to fuel your brain and protect your nervous system.


Unlock your mind's potential and stay sharp throughout the day.


Health benefits:

- Boosts cognitive function

- Promotes brain growth

- Improves focus

- Better memory


Raise mental awareness

By adding vitamins B1 and D to your diet, your brain gets an extra boost in awareness. These vital vitamins are known for supporting awareness, mental agility and concentration.


Protect your nervous system

Our 7 Mushroom Blend is renound for its potential in protecting and renewing nerve cells. This means a stronger nervous system capable of enduring life's challenges.


Superior content

Our formula contains 7 types of mushrooms that are beneficial for significantly higher congative support (including Lions Maine).


Easy to swallow

One tea spoon in water, coffee, tea or smoothies packs a powerful punch with 7 high quality ingredients.

7 Mushroom Blend

£11.99 Regular Price
£9.99Sale Price
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