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About us

Emerald Nutrition provide a natural alternative of synergised fruits, herbs & spices which support a healthy lifestyle. We offer individual tonics to support your joints, digestive system, skin, hair & nails. We source the best ingredients to create these unique blends.

Our Story

Welcome to the home of Emerald Nutrition, one of Ireland's oldest traditional tonics. Ireland is long famous for traditional tonics and tinctures dating back to the third century, at the time of Druids a Celtic word meaning "knower of the oak tree." Druids were famous for making natural remedies for ailments long before modern medicine, and some recipes still exist today. During the Great Depression of 1937, our great-grandparents had a home bakery in Newry, County Down. This is where our family first made our family recipe available to the general public. Originally, it was sold only in our own shop, but as word spread of its amazing benefits, people travelled from near and far to purchase the tonic. In 1973, we built another shop, and in 2008, yet another, but it would not be until 2015, five generations later, that we branched out to supply independent retailers all over Ireland. The following year, we made the tonic available world-wide by creating a web shop. The tonic is created with the exact same procedure and ingredients today as it was in the very beginning. We only use natural ingredients with an ancient procedure of extracting and blending for maximum benefits and results. With 80 years of history, we have witnessed a lot of amazing success stories and endless messages of gratitude. Try it for yourself today.

Meet Team Emerald

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